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‘Cholera and Casanova’ John Snow Walk in Soho

One of London’s most famous and infamous neighborhoods The unassuming Dr John Snow is famous for controlling the terrible outbreak of Cholera in Soho in 1854 by having the handle removed from the Broad Street pump. We will follow in his footsteps and explore the sensational history of Soho and learn of its denizens in the charming Soho Square and neighbouring streets. We will come across Mozart and Casanova and many others and see the site of the world’s first nightclub!

There is no need to book to go on this walk. This tour is offered as part of London Walks. You can check their website for times and dates by clicking here. Or email Barry and he will reply with the information. Thank you to David from London Walks for the tour description.


Meet Dr Barry at ‘Eros’ Piccadilly
Meet at ‘Eros’ Piccadilly where we are able to admire this beautifully sculpted water fountain made by Alfred Gilbert and take in the famous Lights of Piccadilly Circus. Did you know it takes its name from 17th Century collars? St James’s Piccadilly is the only Wren church outside of the City of London. Sir Isaac Newton resided in Jermyn Street.
Leicester Square
Next stop Leicester Square and it’s rich history of theatre and cinema. Chinatown follows and then we weave through many of Soho’s colourful streets alleys and delightful Soho Square. Soho has a risqué history in the 1960’s and 1970’s. We will see where the world’s first television was invented , and the first nightclub before we reach Broadwick Street where John Snow pub stand nearby the location of the famous Pump.
Soho and Cholera
I am a Public Health physician and explain how Cholera became the scourge of Europe in the 19th Century in the days of the ‘Miasma’ theory. Joseph Bazalgette who worked in Soho developed the great Sewers of London after the year of the Great Stink (1858) and solved the problem. Sadly John Snows pioneering work in anaesthetics and epidemiology were forgotten until 20th Century.
Finish at Carnaby Street
We end up at the world -famous 1960’s Carnaby Street a short distance to Piccadilly Circus.