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Art of China, British Museum

  • Guided Asian art tour, London
Meet Kuan-yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy. You’ll be glad you did. No image could be more gracefully, serenely, exquisitely lovely than she. And that’s by way of extending a very special invitation: Let’s Go To China. To the Shang and Tang and Ching dynasties. To Old Cathay. Our magic carpet is the Chinese works of art in the British Museum. Works of art that present to us people, ideas and beliefs that are very different from what we’re used to. It’s heady stuff. These objects are very beautiful. But they’re also novel, mysterious, exotic. And they have much to teach us – they provide a breathtaking insight into the Chinese character. And as for their range, well, no people have excelled the Chinese in the variety as well as the brilliance of their arts. Throughout almost all the 3,000 years since the Shang ruled they have evolved a stunning succession of styles in sculpture, painting, ceramics, jade, textiles and all manner of other substances. And seeing these things with someone who knows what they’re talking about – who can, to take just one example, shed all kinds of light on the symbolism, utility and aesthetic grace of the Tsun ritual vessel – well, “cultural stimulation” doesn’t come any more rewarding.
There is no need to book for this tour,  Art of China, British Museum. This walk is offered as part of London Walks. You can check their website for times and dates by clicking here. Or email Barry and he will reply with the information. Thank you to David from London Walks for the tour description.


Meet Dr Barry
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