Art and Medicine Tours London

The Arts of Asia in the V&A

  • Guided Asian art tour, London

Come and experience the glories of Asian Art in London’s ‘Treasure House’ Beginning with Gandharan Buddhist sculptures. The tour encompasses Islamic art in all its glory. Islamic design in calligraphy, ceramics, and metalwork. The famous Ardabil carpet from Persia is a highlight. Iznik ceramics show the evolution of floral design and colour in the Ottoman world, The Indian gallery has Mughal jewels and evocative miniatures as well as the famous Tipoo’s Tiger automaton. The Chinese collection extends from ancient bronzes to exquisite Qing jade carvings. From Japan magnificently embroidered kimonos, long sleeved for maidens and short sleeved for married Japanese ladies. Netsuke –delightful carvings designed as toggles for formal wear mensware in the Japanese Galleries. Beautiful lacquer Inro’s for carrying seals and medicines.  Exquisite and lethally sharp Japanese swords, among the best in the world were used by the Samurai warriors. All this and more highlighting the different styles cultures of Asia.


Meeting Point
South Kensington Underground Station (main concourse)
First stop (for any latecomers)
Exhibition Road entrance off the V&A
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