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Plague, Quacks and Leeches: Medieval Doctors in the City of London

Tour of Medieval medicine in the Old City of London starting with the historic Apothecaries Hall in Blackfriars. Learn of the Four Humours (blood, phlegm, black and yellow bile). Rattus rattus caused the Great Plague of London. Walk though lanes of London from Shakespeare’s day. Lean the secret of the Barber’s pole. Queen Anne’s disastrous obstetric history and a case of iatrogenic regicide when it comes to King Charles II ‘s death. Typhus hits the judges of the Old Bailey. Then to the resurrection men at St Bartholomew’s hospital a 900 year old institution where the discovery of the circulation of the blood. 

This walk is offered as part of London Walks. You can check their website for times and dates by clicking here. Or email Barry and he will reply with the information.


Meeting Point
Outside at Blackfriars Underground Station
First stop (for any latecomers)
Apothecaries Hall / Apothecaries Lane
Ends at
Farringdon Station