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Pox & Penicillin

Themes of medical innovation and transport in Paddington. All changed. Changed utterly.

I’m not talking about how Paddington has changed. I’m talking about how something that happened in Paddington that changed the world. Learn how Alexander Fleming spotted a mould on a discarded Petrie dish which led with Florey and Chain in Oxford to develop the world’s first antibiotic. Edward Jenner’s investigation of cowpox led to the world’s first vaccine. It led to the eradication of Smallpox from the planet. Take a break for a turn to one of the wonders of the Victorian age – Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s glorious Paddington station. And for a 21st century counterpoint there’s the stunning new Paddington waterside complex.

This walk is offered as part of London Walks. You can check their website for times and dates by clicking here. Or email Barry and he will reply with the information.


Meeting Point
Just outside Lancaster Gate Underground Station
First stop (for any latecomers)
Italian Gardens opposite Lancaster Gate Underground Station, inside the gates of Kensington Gardens
Ends at
Praed St, Paddington Underground Station