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Medicine Man: A Tour of the Wellcome Collection

An incurable case? You got one too? “Suffering” from it the way we are? An incurable case of curiosity. I mean. This walk won’t cure it – it’s not something you want cured of course – but it will palliate it. Palliate it because where else – even in London – will you “meet” – in two hours ­(I mean if you think about it it’s almost like a phantasmagoria/a what you guys smoking on that walk) – where else will you meet phantom limbs, the fattest man in England, arsenic in that lock of George III’s hair, virtual autopsies of Inca and Egyptian mummies, Siamese twins, Napoleon’s toothbrush, glass models of Ebola viruses. I mean, WHOA! Katy. Bar. The. Door. Some Wellcome! And it’s not just the Wellcome Collection on this walk. This neighbourhood’s Medical London at its most scintillating. A medicine chest of old specialist hospitals. Let alone the British Museum. The School of Tropical Medicine. Dr. Sloane. Resurrectionists. More cadavers than you can shake a femur at. Well, you get the idea. And – it doesn’t get any better than this – we’re making the rounds through this medical history-saturated neighbourhood with a physician. A public health physician. May I introduce Doctor Barry?  You’ll be in his care this afternoon.

There is no need to book to go on the Medicine Man – Medical Bloomsbury & the Wellcome Collection Tour. This walk is offered as part of London Walks. You can check their website for times and dates by clicking here. Or email Barry and he will reply with the information you need. Thank you to David from London Walks for the tour description.


Meet Dr Barry
Goodge St Underground Station
First stop (for any latecomers)
Chenies Place is our first stop (for any latecomers).
End points/nearest Underground station
Wellcome Collection/Euston Square 1 min