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On the Shoulders of Giants (Faraday and Newton)

The discovery of the science behind electricity by the humble Michael Faraday laid the basis for the electrical age in the 19th and 20th century, We will see where he worked with Humphrey Davy in the Royal Institution. Burlington House is were in the Linnean Society Darwin’s; theory of evolution was first presented to the world. We end at The Royal Society the foremost scientific society in the world established in the 17th century with Isaac Newton one of its first Presidents.

There is no need to book for the Doctor’s London Plague, Quacks and Leeches. This walk is offered as part of London Walks. You can check their website for times and dates by clicking here. Or email Barry and he will reply with the information.


Meet Dr Barry
Baker street underground station
First stop (for any latecomers)
Blandford St (via Chilton st)
End points/nearest Underground station
Pall Mall/Piccadilly Circus 3 mins